Have any of you ever had some wacko become obsessed with you for no reason?

Have any of you ever had some wacko become obsessed with you for no reason?

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Yes. My cat.

Yes some faggot from /soc/. He added me on kik and after I blocked him he makes a new account every other week and messages me again.
I thought of deleting my account and creating a new one but I'm in a bunch of groups and can't be bothered to rejoin them, also chat history would be erased.

yes. around a million mexicans

I'm a guy and had a psycho bitch from work get obsessed over me. Left a great job over it. I'll tell the whole story if there's interest.

Also, why do you ask, OP? Are you just curious or going through something like that yourself?

do tell us the story

I feel like I'm the wacko with this girl I talk to. I know that's not the case and can prove it logically, but I can't shake the feeling. What do?

Ok, give me a second and I'll type it up

Back in the wild 90's, I worked for an upstart company putting cellular services in foreign countries. We were all young and technical and talented and it was a great time. I fucked about a dozen secretaries, interns, and even executives from that place, it was just awesome.

Anyway, this new chick started in Accounting and she was STUNNING. I mean, cover-of-Cosmo beautiful, great skin, dark hair, light hazel eyes, big tits, nice ass, incredible female specimen.

She was waayyyy out of my league, but I'm fearless so blatantly flirted with her every chance I got. (Interestingly, her cousin also worked there and we had hooked up a couple times. Her cousin warned her I was a 'player' so I REALLY didn't think I had a chance).


After a couple weeks hitting on her, she finally agreed to a lunch, we swamped numbers, and chatted on the phone a few times. Then one Friday evening, some friends of hers had cancelled plans. I was about to go out of town and just barely got her call before I left. We chatted and she was bored & lonely and suggested I come over.

Honestly, it was awkward and weird. She was VERY shy, like we were making out on the couch and I had her tits out. Then we stopped and I went to refresh our glasses and when I came back her tits were covered again.

We stayed up really late, just talking and watching TV, then finally agreed to go to bed. I mad her cum orally and finally got my dick in there. She hid her eyes, it was weird as shit. I couldn't even cum, and dipped out early the next morning.

She was awkward as fuck saying goodbye at the door, like not even a kiss goodbye or anything, just one of those weird half-hugs.

Ok, whatever, at least I got to finally fuck this unattainable bitch. I waited until Sunday to call her (didn't want to seem desperate and also assumed she had plans Saturday), and I left a message that I had a good time and looked forward to getting to know her better.

I figured she was just shy or had a bad breakup or something and that I'd gently keep after her and eventually she'd lighten up and we could see where it went.

But NOOOOOOOOO....... She avoided me at work the next Monday (we generally spoke or chatted several times per day) and I finally got to talk to her as she was leaving and ask her why the hell she was being so cagey all day.

And she went fucking BATSHIT! Cussed me out for not calling her Saturday, said shit like "Now that you've fucked me I guess I'll never hear from you again, I KNEW you were a fucking asshole" blah blah blah. A HUGE overreaction over a single fuck, in other words.

I tried to calm her down, told her I definitely wanted to see her again, reminded her of my message Sunday ("YEAH, YOU PROBABLY SENT THAT AFTER YOU GOT HOME FROM FUCKING ONE OF YOUR OTHER WHORES"!!!) but nothing would calm her down.

She was frosty to me the rest of the week, so much so all our coworkers had quite a laugh about it. I stayed friendly, kept asking her to lunch, asked if she'd like to get together over the weekend, whatever. She just ignored me or said "I have other plans".

So after several days of this, I dropped it. I hate she's mad and I certainly didn't want to make her feel bad, but fuck it, I didn't do anything wrong.

Anybody still here? I don't want to keep typing if there's no interest.

I'm watching

am here

me too


So I go about my business, and the following week she burst into the computer center where I worked with the other tech geeks. She stormed right up to me and said "You're wrong if you think you're going to treat ME that way and get away with it!" I honestly thought she was going to slap me, but she just stormed out. All my buddies are like "damn, dude, what did you do?" and I'm still mystified.

Tried to talk to her, but she wasn't having it. The following day, some of the other girls I'd hooked up (including her cousin) told me she'd pulled the same shit with them: stormed into their office, and said "I GUESS YOU CAN HAVE HIM IF YOU WANT HIM!!" They were mystified about it until they pieced it together that it was about my dumbass.

So her manager had a chat with her and told her to calm down about the whole thing. She apologized, just said she'd had a rough few weeks or something, just blew it off.

By now I'm starting to get a REAL creepy vibe from her. As beautiful as she was, I'd really did want to see her more and I was crushing on her hard. But after all the weirdness I was kinda over the whole damn thing and wish I'd never even gone over there.

So the next week was completely different.


2002 nsa usa with fragile x syndrome started stalking me

Quick question... was she Sicilian or have a Sicilian/southern Italian last name?

She came in every day dressed to the 9's. It was a business environment, so suits and ties were the norm for guys, and business suits or skirts were the norm for ladies (this was way before 'business casual' became a thing).

But this crazy cunt comes in wearing what looks like a cocktail dress for a fancy dinner party. Her hair is PERFECT, her makeup looks like she's about to hit the runway, she's just 100% dolled up. The dudes are drooling, the women are scowling, but fuck, she looked amazing.

The next day she came in wearing a shiny vinyl 'club dress' like she was going out dancing. Again, she looked amazing, but this definitely isn't business attire.

She pulled that shit all week, and with me went from openly flirting to ignoring me completely. HR finally had to tell her that her clothing was inappropriate and she said it was just because all the other "old ugly bitches" didn't like her.

By now my buddies are having a field day with this. At home, I'm starting to get hangup calls and whatnot (cont)

Yes multiple 40 year old fags on rabbit, good thing it shut Down It was a cesspool of rapists. They kept making new accounts no matter how many times I blocked them

Yup staring to think this

When I was gladiator (top 0.5% of pvp players) in Burning Crusade I was a well known player. There was this dude who started playing the same class and was pretending to be me on IRC and forums and even in game. I didn't know. When people started asking me weird questions it all quickly fell down. He would be sending me messages and was obsessed with me and it was fucking weird with all that "I want to be like you" shit.

No, but I see where you're going with that! She was a standard white girl.

So the following week, she's her old self again, acted normal, dressed normal. I told her I was sorry if I'd done anything wrong, and she just laughed it off, said she'd had some stressful family things going on, whatever. Whew, all good, life can return to normal.

But I was still getting hangup calls often enough it was driving my roomates crazy. One night she actually responded when I picked up and I could tell she was drunk. She cussed me out over our chat earlier in the week: "YOU SAID YOU WERE SORRY BUT YOU DIDN'T EVEN ASK ME OUT AGAIN?!?!? Why won't you fight for US the way I'm trying to fight for US?!?!? You really are just a user and I won't continue having you string me along!! That nice new truck you like so much???? HHHAHA, IT'D BE A SHAME IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO IT!!"

Next day at work, she's perfectly normal, acted like it never happened. (cont)


I am the wacko

So I'm really starting to get freaked out here. She stayed normal at work but would call me at home at all hours. Friday nights she'd call over and over again. One roommate told her I wasn't there and she came over to the house to prove it. (I have no idea how she found out where I live).

She continued to harrass some of the other girls I'd been with.....not cussing them like she did before, just muttering 'bitch' under her breath or spreading rumors....shit like that.

With me she was hot & cold. She'd call in tears one night and cuss me out the next. She gave me some story about childhood abuse (which I don't believe at all) and a bad breakup (which I do). I tried to stay friendly and even stopped hitting on girls at work. (Every new girl that started, she told to stay away from me anyway)

Well I just ment like Italian American, where I live, there are insanely hot Italian American women, but they’re literally all bay shit fucking crazy

So by now I'm not sleeping well, I started smoking again, and this shit is driving me nuts. I left work late one night and my new truck was keyed to shit and a chunk of concrete had been thrown into the windshield. (No parking lot security cams back then, unfortunately).

And that was it for me (cont)

My wife
Literally made me a house husband so i rarely leave the house and only to go to a store or drop the kids off and i dont even do that if she is off work. Im not sure how i feel about it lately. Her ot got cut recently so i might have to start working again ... This means being told im cheating daily even though we have 3 and 4 somes often and she loves it. Ugh ... Life choices...

Yes. A plethora of ex's and quite a few others.

Sometimes it can be funny and you can coerce them into giving you shit or money. But most of the time i just cut ties and ignore them.

I understand completely. I've met some crazy Italian ones too. Latinas are pretty out there also.

Coincidentally, I was already in the process of buying a home, so I'd be moving to a new place in a couple months. I got a new job across town which was a slight pay raise but a pain in the ass and not nearly as awesome as the job I was leaving. I put my shit in storage, slept on a friend's couch until my house closing, and just dropped off her radar entire. (Former roommates said she drove by several times and they continued to get hangup calls for a week or two)

I kept in touch with my IT buddies from the original job, and they said she got engaged to some unknown dude 3 weeks after I left. Had a big diamond, but was super-cagey about him. Didn't bring him to work functions or anything like that. (I still wonder if she made him up and bought her own diamond. Her family had money so it wouldn't surprise).

I tried finding her years later when Facebook became a thing, but I've never had any luck. The company we worked for got bought out by one of the telecom giants and most of the employees were laid off or shuffled around.

I still try to find her sometimes just to see if I can figure out what happened to the crazy bitch. She had no close friends at work, and the last I spoke with her cousin, she said they didn't talk with that side of the family anymore due to some other family drama or something.

Maybe she really did marry some dude and changed her last name and lived happily ever after. (Cont, just one more)

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Wew. What a nutcase.

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Lawds yes. Years ago a former pen pal decided she wanted a relationship. I refused. She stalked me from afar eventually theatening suicide. Chick was insane, but cute.

What was the name of the company? If it was long ago bought up, should be little to no risk of being identified.

I have a few stalkers yes

But in the end, I guess she was right: Technically, I fucked her once and we never went out again. And in the process I had to leave one of the best jobs I've ever had. AND, I didn't even cum.

With maturity and retrospect, I kinda feel bad for her now. She clearly had some significant issues and maybe some awful heartbreak in her past or something. But damn, she fucked my life up pretty royally.

Don't stick your dick in crazy, boys, no matter how beautiful it is.

I dont believe you, in fact Im pretty sure youre a stalker who made up a story about having actual friends

poor neets are obsessed with getting my tax money

You mean neetbux?

Different user here. Why do you think that? What gave it away?

A guy I met online seemed nice, stayed up plenty of nights just talking. He immediately went sexual and I just wasn’t in for that, so he started getting aggressive when ever we spoke. I stopped talking to him and hung out with better people. Every other day he’d spam my messages insulting me and would call me just to yell at me that I’m a terrible person just because I wouldn’t talk to him. Guy was a desperate cunt just seeking e-pussy.
He also ALWAYS wanted to show me his cock. Claiming it was HUGE when actually he just knows his angles :,)

Are you a girl?


Bro, I read the entire story, thx for taking your time and sharing. There are so many crazy ppl out there...

sometimes but its usually temporary

Why temporary?

Back in middle school I had this girl become obsessed with me, and she was the horse girl at the school. She wasn't pretty but we kept in contact till I was about 18 or 19, got a bunch of nudes from her and ghosted. Profit.

Thanks, bro. (You ALMOST got some great digits there!)

She actually changed the way I deal with women entirely. After that experience, I dip at the FIRST sign of bullshit. Like the weirdness with the goodbye hug after the one-and-only sleepover? I shouldn't have called her at all and made HER approach ME at work. She still would've turned out to be crazy, but I could've put HR onto it. I'm sure she would've devolved into the "I'm going to kill myself" bullshit, and my truck still might've gotten keyed. But I was young and a lot less jaded back then. Now I wouldn't give a fuck if some dumb cunt gets obsessed and offs herself.

Oddly, that approach made me even more successful with women, but that's not the topic here.

She remains the most physically beautiful girl I've ever been with. When I got her naked, I expected jacked-up nips or a beefy pussy, but NOPE, she was flawless all over. And I STILL regret the experience and wish I'd never laid eyes on her.