How come Finns enjoy being naked around their (also naked) relatives...

How come Finns enjoy being naked around their (also naked) relatives? Is sauna responsible for Finnish inheritance diseases?

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the better question is why you care

So we can compare cocks? Nothing gay about it.
We don't usually go in sauna with female cousins etc after we turn 18.

Why does latinos shower with shorts?


Suddenly i see!

I bet everyone knows who's got a big ding dong and who's the chink dick sissy

Severe heatenings for small dicked foe I imagine

What? S-so finn boys go around naked all the time? H-how do I find a job in finland?

Not just Finns, nakedness is pretty normal in all of the Nordic countries.
Has nothing to do with sex or anything, it's just a sense of not giving a shit.
I've been sauna bathing nude my entire life with my family and others.
Being nude isn't bad, it's healthy.


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I'm a grower myself so I try to avoid saunas.
I don't get erections from men and the flaccid state is in no way indicative of how big it really gets.

t. pervert

>minus 20 degrees outside
>go to sauna
>42 degrees

How do you even survive this

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It's also popular to swim in a pool after going to a sauna/banya

>>go to sauna
What? A normal sauna here in the north is between 85 and 98 degrees Celsius.

And the difference can be even bigger, -35C isn't unusual here.

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>in a pool
We just jump into a lake.

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>with clothes on
>somehow there's personal space on the street
>somehow the personal space in sauna is gone

Sauna is a place of relaxation. No talking, no breach of personal space even though you sit close to each other.

Unless you are drinking beer in the sauna with your friends.

you guys do realize this behavior is considered bizarre by the rest of the world, right? I'm not saying Americans do not conduct outlandish exercises - guns, NASCAR, etc - but we at least aren't getting nude with uncles in a sweat room.

Shouldn't humans die at such temperatures
Like wtf
How dont you boil and die

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Theres nothing weird if you dont have dirty thoughts.

My parents' countryside house is located in a zone with lots of hills so we don't have any lakes nearby
Plus, our pool is kinda old so it doesn't have a heater so we can go to sauna only during warm summer nights, it's just doesn't feel the same in small city saunas with tiny pools and rooms

Not doing it is bizarre to us. What do you do to relax? Where do you drink beer when it's -40 outside?
Air temperature is different from water temperature for example.
100 degrees in the air is fine for a while.
100 degrees in the water and you boil.
That's why getting the humidity in a sauna right is important. You want it as high as possible without causing harm.

Finns are superhuman beings. There's no shame in displaying their perfect physical forms. Only subhumans feel shame when they have to expose themselves.

Assuming the sauna room is the same size as the bus stop, so why pic related?
>no talking
>no breach of personal space
>not even sitting close to each other

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Your don't get any burns in saunas because your body gets covered in sweat pretty fast

well yeah pretty much. but it is very rarely negative 40 degrees in the US. Maybe upstate New York or Chicago can get like that.

Here's the difference, you notice the nudity. We do not.
Sitting in a sauna is like sitting anywhere else while dressed. We grow up with it, no one tells us that nakedness is shameful.
So going into a sauna, or going swimming nude with your friends/family in the summer isn't that strange.

As said, sauna is different.
Standing at a bus stop is horrible, relaxing in a sauna is wonderful.
You have to be Nordic to understand I guess.

You guys kiss your children on the mouth.

Nothing better than going in and sitting down in a hot, steaming sauna after work when your body is all stiff and hurting.
It's super comfy.
I keep my sauna around 80-90 degrees C most of the time, in summer though I keep it a bit lower so around 75 degrees.

(pro tip, don't bring a phone into the sauna, it will break)

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I didn't imply shame and I'm sorry if you read it that way. It's just that you guys have a bizarre perception of personal space, and how you can lock off in mind that being naked with family members (of both genders?) while simultaneously be incapable of standing in a uniform line for a bus stop really strange to foreigners.

you guys kiss practical strangers on the cheek when you meet.

Wouldn't it be comfy and practical to sit close to each other to warm yourselves by hurdling at the freezing cold bus stop compared to sitting too close and skin to skin contact of each other naked bodies in the sweaty hot sauna?

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goodness of heart

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>being naked with family members (of both genders?)
that doesn't happen and anyone who claims it does is a fucking liar. by the time girls develop tits it's more appropriate to wear a towel. it may happen that the mother and father are naked because they just don't give a shit, but even that's rare

>TFW you will never sit in a hot sauna naked with all your female friends

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The fuck

A few years ago I remember an Italian tourist being jailed here for kissing a little girl on the mouth at a beach
People saw and called the police
The dude claimed she was his daughter and that is normal in his country

Really weird to see an italian complaining about this now

If u wanna dee the news article (back from 2009):,,MUL1291284-5598,00-ITALIANO E PRESO POR BEIJAR A FILHA NA BOCA EM BARRACA DE PRAIA NO CE.html

In Portuguese tho

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if you yourself are female then it would be considered weird to not be naked with your gfs
same goes for men. infact double that for men. people will get suspicious if you don't go full naked among men and probably a lot of banter ensues

I see Italians kissing each other all the time
In my experience, it's not unusual to see younger Italian boys kiss their fathers on the mouth

Oh right. Sorry.
When you put it that way I can see the strangeness I guess.
But when you enter a sauna your idea of personal space changes. I have no explanation for that.
When it comes to the nudity, well as said we grow up with it.
I've seen my parents and siblings naked since I was born.
My mom and sister often sunbathe down at the lake, naked of course.
No one cares, seeing them nude is like seeing my self nude. No reaction.
>pic related

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>TFW you will never make your make friends jealous with your fat finish cock

Truly a magical place
I would ask for a swede GF but I don't think I'm brown enough

Its a struggle not to get hard when I'm in sauna with my friends...

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No because a bus stop isn't a social thing for us. Neither is the bus, or any other situation when you are out in the world among strangers.

Let's put it this way, when you are traveling/going to work etc we like to be alone.
Everyone is doing their own thing, he is going there, she is going somewhere else etc.
But in the sauna everyone has the same goal, to relax.

more pics of your sister? for research purposes

No, I was hesitant to even post that one but I needed some kind of source.

wait, that's your actual mother and sister laying nude next to a lake? dude don't post that on Sup Forums, what is wrong with you?

>That's his actual family
Tbh I thought it was just a stock photo

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What my Swedebro said above.

A little story here.
When I grew up in our old house the bathroom was on the bottom floor in the main hallway.
There was only one bathroom/toilet.
So the door was always unlocked and if you needed to pee when someone was showering you did.
Also, my dad always walked nude from the bathroom, up the stairs to his closet. Everyday.
There was a river close to our house as well that most people in town used for swimming in summer.
I've probably seen my entire hometown naked.

With that said, it does differ in different parts of the country. City people are less open and more prude. Or that's my impression at least.

Well it's a little late for that, and either way my family is extremely open about everything so no worries there. That pic was even in the local news paper for "best photograph" back in 2016.
I won 500 SEK haha.

Vart bor du desu? Det fint ut.

Liten by i Dalarna. Lugnt och vackert här.
Ser fram emot sommaren så det gör ont.

Don't worry is actually quite mild.

>a bus stop isn't a social thing for us. Neither is the bus, or any other situation when you are out in the world among strangers.
>Let's put it this way, when you are traveling/going to work etc we like to be alone. Everyone is doing their own thing, he is going there, she is going somewhere else etc. But in the sauna everyone has the same goal, to relax.
So to relieve the loneliness outside the sauna, you guys take antidepressant pills?
That's actually weird by itself.

Ok. Avis blir jag. Älskar Dalarna

one would almost begin to think that living in a cold place which is pitch black half of the year is not the ideal way of getting happy

The Nordic countries are strange, that's true.

Actually that is quite a misunderstanding, I remember an american here kissing everyone sincerely convinced that is how you should do and causing embarrassment everywhere.
It's more common in the south, and it's only among relatives and close friends when you want to express strong affection, it's actually quite unusual with strangers unless there is a very specific reason.
And contrary to what some people say, no one here kiss their children on the mouth.
I was born here, I think I know this country a little better than any of you.

So, this list are a lie then?
>top countries are mostly nordics
>inb4 cnn
you get the point.
Well, for starter, for example, you can open up on each other at the bus stop to share each other's depression and warming up instead of the pill with side effects in the long term, like how the penguins does. :)
Can you? Please don't be depressed.

*this list is a lie

>happiness research
Is fake and just social control.

thank you, monaco

You completely ignored me tho

The virgin bastu